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MPP is an extension of our customer and we guide our employees through this concept during training and review. We provide continuous improvement to all our business processes through our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Our inspection process is your last line of defense before product gets to your customer.




John A. Miguel

Executive Vice President

John E. Hadley
President / CEO

Brandon W. Kearns

Executive Vice President



Dan Schoepke
Plant Manager
Villa Park

Reed E. Hadley
Plant Manager
Matt Land
Production Manager


    Customer Service Department    


      Matthew Miguel
Quality Assurance Manager
Jake Goodwin
Customer Service Specialist
Zachary Kalous
Customer Service Specialist
Susan O'Brien
Customer Service Specialist
Christine Lubke
Customer Service Specialist
Jeannie Van Sky
Customer Service Specialist

James Stickling
Customer Service Specialist


For More Information contact:
Brandon Kearns @ (630) 834-9400 or
e-mail at

Major-Prime Plastics, Inc.
649 N. Ardmore Avenue P.O. Box 6240
Villa Park, Il 60181

Phone: (630) 834-9400 Fax: (630) 834-9412
E-Mail us at:

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