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Major-Prime Warehousing & Bulk Distribution
The picture below illustrates Major-Prime's exclusive thermoplastic transfer lines.
Silos and Railcars
  • Separate and dedicated transfer lines exist for transferring different thermoplastic grades that are managerial locked which guarantees no cross-contamination.
  • MPP can store up to 80 railcars or 15 million lbs. on-site at our Villa Park rail spurs.
  • MPP also has the ability to store additional cars in Channahon. The yards are serviced by the CN or the BNSF Railroads.
  • On-site silos allow bulk material to be stored while awaiting packaging instructions.
  • MPP's 230,000 sq. ft. buildings have a 20 million lb. storage capacity of packaged resins.
  • MPP is a 24/7/365 distribution terminal.
  • Our entire 8 acre site is security fenced with night lights and is in full compliance with Operation Clean Sweep.
  • We provide custom inventory and warehouse management of all your stock. Our personnel are SAP skilled.

Resin Distribution:

  • MPP customers enjoy J.I.T. deliveries from our Chicago area warehouse.
  • Customers benefit from the economies of buying in bulk and having MPP package as needed.
  • Our custom blending allows you an alternative to high cost compounding satisfying your unique material requirements.
  • MPP can distribute your thermoplastic resins to multiple manufacturing sites and contract molders.
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