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Resin Blending
Major-Prime's Blending provides a low-cost alternative to high-price extrusion compounding and is capable of:
  • Handling batches from 100 lbs. up to 50,000 lbs. in vertical low-intensity blenders.
  • Mixing color concentrates, various regrind materials or cross-blending virgins to create one uniform melt flow throughout the entire batch.
  • Blending additives such as slip agents, anti-block or impact enhancers as needed.
  • Filling the blenders from bags, boxes, super-sacks, bulk-trucks, railcars or storage silos.
  • Screening all material through rare-earth magnets for ferrous metal contamination.
  • Formally certifying blends by a mass balance certification.
  • Blending process UL certified.


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